Synthmaster 2.9 Arrives With An Array Of New Features And Bug Fixes

SynthMaster 2.9 is the latest update from KV331 that includes new wavetable features, new factory presets, in-app-store, internationalisation support and critical fixes. Here’s KV331 with the full list of details…

synthmaster 2.9

This update brings the following new features to SynthMaster:


Wavetable synthesis: SynthMaster now supports wavetables with up to 256 waveforms. Users can easily import wavetables by dragging and dropping files/folders on to the wavetable display. The wavetable display can show wavetables in 4 different ways: 2D Waveform, 2D Spectrum, 3D Waveform and 3D Spectrum. The factory waveforms and wavetables in SynthMaster One are also included in SynthMaster 2.9.

New Factory Presets: SynthMaster 2.9 comes with 150 new factory presets by Bluffmunkey, Aelyx Design and Gercek Dorman:

In-App-Store: SynthMaster 2.9 dramatically simplifies the workflow for purchasing, downloading and installing KV331 Audio products by introducing an ‘In-App-Store’ built right inside the plugin. Users can see the products that they’ve purchased, download and install the ones that are not on their system with the click of a button.

Internationalization (I18N): SynthMaster 2.9 brings support for UTF8 encoded file paths, so it’s now fully compatible with international users who use an operating system with a non-Ascii character set:


There are also critical bug fixes in this update:

  1. When a skin is not found on the user’s machine, SynthMaster crashes instead of loading the default skin
  2. On MacOS, SynthMaster doesn’t read wave files with uppercase file extension
  3. SynthMaster crashes when wave file name is longer than 32 characthers
  4. SynthMaster might crash when waveforms are selected from a waveform dropdown for a preset that’s saved before version 2.7
  5. Some factory presets have missing waveforms
  6. When number of waveforms is greater then 65535, SynthMaster might crash when selecting a wavefrom whose index is higher than 65535
  7. SynthMaster doesn’t play some of the presets (saved before version 2.7) correctly
  8. When SynthMaster is rendering offline, program change messages should be processed syncronously
  9. BT Silence waveform is not loaded correctly, causing clipping issues for the presets that use it
  10. Fixed some layout issues with the Satyatunes skin
  11. Wavetable dropdown control calculates number of waveforms in a wavetable incorrectly.
  12. When the demo period of SynthMaster demo expires, SynthMaster might crash
  13. SynthMaster doesn’t send plugin version number when sending crash reports
  14. When parsing note numbers from file names, the name is modified which might cause errors for multisampled waveforms
  15. SynthMaster doesn’t parse waveform/wavetable category correctly when they are under nested folders
  16. Slope parameter changes in the reverse direction for the drive view control
  17. Multisegment envelope generator doesn’t sync correctly to tempo when envelope stage lengths are snapped to grid.
  18. ADSR envelope generator doesn’t sync correctly to tempo when envelope stage lengths are snapped to grid.
  19. Lines are not drawn antialiased on Windows
  20. SynthMaster saves empty favourite presets file
  21. When length of directory names of imported waveforms/wavetables exceed a certain limit, SynthMaster One might crash
  22. On MacOS, sub folder names are not parsed correctly because of the directory separator differences between Windows and MacOS
  23. Preset author name is incorrectly initialized as ‘Demo User’
  24. Using mod wheel with modulation target/source/type dropdowns might crash SynthMaster One
  25. SynthMaster crashes when image files defined in skin definitions don’t exist
  26. Number of waveforms/wavetables is limited to 16384
  27. When switching presets, SynthMaster might crash
  28. Curve view mouse wheel increment is incorrect
  29. Mod Matrix Curve view doesn’t handle transparent backgrounds
  30. Compression view might cause SynthMaster to crash because of uninitialized variables
  31. When user saves presets under sub folders of Presets folder, SynthMaster might crash
  32. When number of held notes is greater than 64, SynthMaster crashes
  33. GUIEditor saves rendered images twice in the skin definition file
  34. Browser lists in default skins (Gray, Blue, Orange, Red) are not multi-select
  35. GUIEditor generates separate images for each skin resolution, which results in increased setup file size
  36. Satyatunes Blue skin looks blurry at resolutions greater than 100%
  37. Expansions downloads fail when CDN https/http redirection is used.
  38. Phaser LFO volume is zero, resulting in no modulation for the Phaser effect
  39. When listbox background style is not set, SynthMaster crashes
  40. In chord mode, arpeggiator might not work correctly resulting in hanging notes or crashes
  41. In chord mode, arpeggiator doesn’t play the first note
  42. Browser lists on the Satyatunes skin are not sorted
  43. Arpeggiator view doesn’t display steps in pages in classic up/down/etc modes.
  44. Multi-line text is not drawn correctly
  45. SynthMaster doesn’t load archive files which are generated while saving user banks
  46. Curve view control doesn’t handle transparent colors
  47. Compression view control doesn’t handle transparent colors
  48. 2D Env view control doesn’t handle transparent colors
  49. LoFi view control doesn’t handle transparent colors
  50. Keyscaler control doesn’t work correctly
  51. Keyscaler control isn’t displayed correctly when skin size is greater than 100%
  52. LFO control doesn’t handle transparent colors
  53. Multistep LFO step volumes can not be adjusted with the mouse
  54. The dual LFO control doesn’t list waveforms on the popup menu
  55. The dual LFO control doesn’t handle transparent colors
  56. The dual LFO control doesn’t draw waveforms smoothly
  57. When waveforms in a folder are dragged on to the wavetable display, the subfolders are not read
  58. Frequency display controls don’t draw curves smoothly

Pricing and Availability

Synthmaster is available to purchase for $99 here where you can find full information.