Month in music tech: the biggest news of May 2021

What happened in the music technology world this month? Here's all the important news.

Apple was in the spotlight throughout May, thanks to the news of a potential $27 billion fine, the release of Apple Music Lossless and rumours of a 40-core Mac Pro and a new iPod Touch. More hints at new gear came from the Sequential camp, which was recently acquired by Focusrite, with reports that a new product could be with us by this August.

Meanwhile, DAW developers have kept themselves busy with the announcement of Bitwig 4 and Reason 12, along with Universal Audio bringing an API Console emulation to Luna.

In this month’s news roundup, we recap the biggest and best news of April 2021, keeping you in the loop on announcements, product releases and new freeware you might have missed.




  • The Aximo Synergy Core is Antelope Audio’s new condenser mic that comes pre-built with an audio interface for easy connectivity.
  • AIAIAI has teamed up with legendary label Ninja Tune to release the eco-friendly TMA-2 headphones, made from recycled vinyl records.
  • Sennheiser sells its consumer electronics business to Sonova for $241 million and says it will devote its focus to pro audio and Neumann.
  • Dave Smith and Focusrite teased two new Sequential products due for release this year, with the first release planned for July or August.
  • Lovers of the classic MPC series will love Akai’s MPC One Retro, sporting the vintage MPC colours and design.
  • The only EMS VCS4 on the planet has been showcased at Goldsmith’s PureGold festival, which you can watch online.
  • SSL’s new UC1 controller provides an “true console experience” for its SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins.



Universal Audio Luna API Console Emulation


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