Blocs Export means Launchpad and Blocs Wave Now Work Seamlessly Together

Thanks to the arrival of Blocs Export, Novation’s Launchpad for iOS and Blocs Wave now work together seamlessly in a single mobile music-making ecosystem…


Users can now create music using the Blocs Wave app and then export it to Launchpad for iOS allowing for more creative freedom with custom soundpacks that can be remixed on the go.


For those unfamiliar Launchpad for iOS is the app version of developer Novation’s grid-based MIDI controller that allows mobile musicians to quickly trigger clips and samples, whilst Bloc Waves, which launched last year uses a “real-time stretch loop concept” to enable users to quickly generate musical ideas.

With the press of a button you can export any of your music from Blocs Wave, which loads from each pad into Launchpad. If something’s not working for you all it takes is to go back into Blocs Wave and rearrange and re-export.

Blocs Export is available now for Launchpad for iOS and Blocs Wave users as part of the latest free update. If you’ve yet to try them you can get Launchpad for iOS for free and Blocs Wave for £2.99/$2.99 from the App Store.