Leapwing Audio releases the new DynOne Version 2 compressor plugin

DynOne version 2 is a significant upgrade to Leapwing Audio’s multi-band parellel compressor plugin, bringing with it a host of new features and unique design…

We’re told that thanks to ultra subtle and transparent sounding crossover filters, version 2’s digital circuitry will allow users to blend compressed filter bands with the original signal, meaning you can shape and tonalize your sound without squashing your dynamics.


Amongst its new features, version 2 allows you to set both the minimum and maximum values for attack and release. Additionally, envelope detection can be tuned to RMS, Peak Detection, or anything in between, using a simple slider. There’s also the inclusion of Multi-Monno or Stereo Input channel linking and variable weighted sidechain input of each band.

Key features:

  • Compression controls for each of the 5 bands
  • Parallel mode, adding the compressed signal to the original
  • Variable peak to RMS detection
  • Multi-mono to stereo channel linking with variable control
  • Upward expansion option per band
  • You can set minimum and maximum values for both the attack and release. The compression will use times closer to the minimum when the crest factor is high and closer to maximum when it’s low.
  • Weighting option to tweak the sidechain input mix for each of the bands. The weighted mix can now vary between its own band and a combination of adjacent bands, bringing it closer to single compressor behaviour.
  • Option to choose between Ultra Quality or Low Latency crossover filters.
  • New Loudness metering

Pricing and Availability:
DynOne version 2 is now available for €199/$199 or £179, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X in VST2, VST3, Audio Units, and AAX plug-in formats. Download a free 14-day trial at www.leapwingaudio.com