Liquid Notes Release Major Update

Liquid Notes, Re-Compose’s musical toolbox for DJ’s and producers, has received a major update, including a brand new interface. The new update adds a track view and a higher level of support for Ableton Live.

Aimed at producers and DJ’s who wish to have more control over the melodic and harmonic properties of their music, the newly updated Liquid Notes creates a new range of options for the modern music maker, whilst being simple to use for the newcomer it does not sacrifice musical complexity and the newly updated interface makes a more fluid user experience.  Read on for the full press release about this new update:



Press Release:

Musical Creativity. Made Simple and Accessible.

The latest update of Liquid Notes makes it the most powerful harmony editing tool available. No other application provides an equal set of features, yet stays as clean and easy to operate like it.

Vienna, Austria – October 10, 2013. Re-Compose today released the latest update of Liquid Notes, the most powerful tool on the market to assist DJs & producers of all styles with chords, scales and harmonic progressions. The new software features a major redesign of the user interface, the addition of a track view and better support for Ableton Live. Put all together, this makes it the simplest solution to edit complex harmonic progressions for single-track or multi-track arrangements, and yet makes the theory of harmony fully accessible to the user.


Ibiza legend Tim Sheridan recently spoke out about ‘EDM killing the art of DJing’, in particular referring to the responsibility of ‘sync buttons’ and ‘laptop DJing’ creating today’s Plastic DJs. Thanks to the large amount of technology available today, automated mixing is becoming more worrying and used by a great many. Numbers are hard to get in DJing, but multiple sources talk about >10 million people using DJ software today.

Liquid Notes is the exact opposite to this trend: we take the complexity back to music making, without any complexity for the user behind it. It unleashes their creativity to make better music intuitively – without restrictions. It’s simple on the outside, yet sophisticated and intelligent inside.

A very powerful harmonic analysis atomizes even very complex multi-track songs and detects their various musical elements and their correlations. Musical adaptation (resynthesis) builds meaningful musical context from various input data (e.g. melodies, bass lines, chords, loops, rhythmic patterns, etc.). Chords are presented as rectangular boxes, with a vertical slider and two rotary knobs for changing chord functions, substituting chords, and adding tensions, respectively. Any change is made in real time, and is immediately audible for the user. Color codes provide an indication for the conventionality of the chord, or the particular settings chosen.

The technologies packed into Liquid Notes will evolve constantly to become more capable by increasing the IQ of it, and support additional features. In the short term, indicating identical and similar segments will serve as a starting point for editing harmony or adding chords.

Liquid Notes is a unique piece of software that fully supports the art of making music intuitive and without restrictions:

• AI algorithms replicating human perception for harmony analysis, reharmonization, and melody creation/improvisation.
• An intuitive and simple graphical user interface translating even complex harmonic structure into easily manageable building blocks.
• Enables musicians to explore more ideas, make their song sound completely different only in seconds and create better, more complex music much faster.
• Educational qualities to explore harmony and melody, and to extend one’s knowledge.

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