Turn any sound into a dramatic texture with Litote

Inear Display has released Litote, a new granular audio effect plug-in that promises deep and complex processing with an easy-to-use interface…


Using a granular effect users can combine four audio engines on an XY pad and can turn “any sound into a dramatic texture,” according to Inear Display. Here’s what they had to say.


“Hiding the complexity of the engines, Litote delegates patch creation to a smart randomizer for instant gratification and endless possibilities. For perpetually evolving sounds, Litote also includes a trajectory mode to travel through these granular landscapes automatically. With deep sonic possibilities hidden behind a playful and easy to use interface, Litote is an essential tool for musicians and sound designers.”

For more information head to the Inear Display website, where you can currently purchase Litote for the introductory price of €20 (usually €39). It’s available for PC and Mac in VST/AU formats with a downloadable demo available too.