London’s iconic AIR Studios has been put up for sale

AIR Studios, one of the most highly-regarded recording destinations in the world, has been put on sale by its owners…

AIR Studios

Founded by George Martin in 1969, AIR Studios has become a legendary institution. Initially starting life in Central London, it relocated to Lyndhurst Hall in 1991. Since its inception AIR Studios has been a home to the likes of Paul McCartney, U2, Adele, George Michael and Coldplay, to name a few. Thanks to the enormous hexagonal shaped live room its also proved to be a popular destination for Hollywood’s film composers, including the recent soundtracks for Dunkirk, Alien Covenant and Wonder Woman.


Co-owner Paul Woolf announced in a statement that, “The sale of Air Studios is a significant moment in the history of the music industry. Some of the most legendary soundtracks and records of the 20th and 21st century have been recorded at Air Studios and we know that there is still scope to expand and grow the business further. Air Studios and those who work at the studios are hugely important to me and I am sure that this will lead to an exciting new future for the facility.”

In a statement to Billboard Woolf explains that whilst not an easy step, the sale is a necessary one. “We’re a pair of old farts, basically.”