Could Looperverse be the “ultimate looper” for iOS?

Touted as the ultimate loop recording/performance system for iOS, Retronynms and Cycling ’74 have collaborated to reveal Looperverse…


Consisting of an app and a wireless stomp pedal Looperverse is “a unique hybrid of a familiar looper, with some of the most powerful aspects of computer-based multi-track recording and editing. It is a unique combination of always-there immediacy with the ability to powerfully manipulate what you’ve recorded, right away.”


At its core is a 16-track loop recorder that fuses together the traditional loop-pedal live workflow with multi-touch editing tools. This means Looperverse boasts “advanced” waveform editing, pitchshifting, timestretching and live reverse. Odd time signatures are supported and you can also export the stems to your DAW for future tweaks.

Whilst it works as a standalone there’s also the option to record other iOS instruments via Audiobus and Inter App Audio and there’s even Ableton Link support. The Bluetooth pedal comes with six switches: undo, redo, clear, tap tempo, record and playback. They arrive pre-mapped but can be re-mapped to your preference. The pedal is also compatible with other apps and supports MIDI Learn.

Pricing and Availability:
The Looperverse app is available now from the Apple App Store for £9.99/$9.99, and you can order the pedal from the Retronyms website for $199. It should be noted that the app comes gratis when you order the pedal.

See how it works below: