Loopmasters 3.0 allows you to add your own personal samples

Loopcloud 3.0 has been officially released, and most excitingly, will finally allow you to add your personal samples into the browser alongside Loopmasters’ catalogue…

Loopcloud 3.0 released

It’s a feature that Loopmasters promised back in 2017 with the inception of Loopcloud, and its arrival sounds as exciting as we’d hoped. The process is simple; just import your folder using the + button or drag and drop any files, folders or samples into Loopcloud. It will then analyse what you’ve imported and add tags such as Content-Type, Instrument, BPM and Key. You can add your own custom tags or personalise the existing ones too.


After tagging, you can then use Loopcloud’s search and filtering systems to find the perfect sample for your track and take advantage of the Auto Key pitch-shifting and time stretching technology to ensure they’re the right key and tempo with your project.

Loopcloud 3.0 key features:

  • Import your own sample folders and have them appear in Loopcloud
  • Loopcloud automatically tags new samples with Key, BPM, Instrument and Type
  • Time-stretch and pitch-shift your own samples to match your project
  • Experiment with patterns to audition one-shot samples
  • Changes made in your system folders are reflected in Loopcloud – scan on start-up or manually
  • Specify the CPU usage used to analyze your samples when required, or simply pause
  • Redesignate wrongly tagged samples for analysis by re-tagging
  • Add more detailed tags of your own using Loopcloud’s existing tag editor

Pricing and Availability:
Loopcloud 3.0 is available to download now for PC and Mac from the Loopcloud website.