Maag Audio Announce New EQ2 500-Series Module

Maag Audio and KMR have announced the release of the brand new EQ2 – a new 2 band EQ module for the 500 series format. The new EQ2 features Maag’s highly regarded AIR band and a Low Frequency bell boost from Sub to 1.4kHZ with tight and wide curves.

The EQ2 looks to be a worthy addition to your sonic arsenal and is priced at £450 (excluding VAT) It will be available via KMR audio mid-August




Press Release

Maag Audio and KMR Audio are proud to announce the release of the EQ2, a brand new 2-band EQ for 500-series format.

The Maag EQ2 is a no compromise single channel 2-band EQ featuring Maag’s renowned AIR Band and a Low Mid Frequency bell boost from Sub to 1.4 kHz with tight and wide curves and an input attenuation (INPUT ATTN) control providing -12.5dB of attenuation. The EQ2’s AIR Band boasts an additional 15 kHz frequency selection making it ideal for adding sparkle and presence to the incoming source. The LMF offers the choice between tight and wide bell curve options helping dial the ideal amount of warmth.

Built with the same high-quality components as the popular EQ4, the Maag EQ2 offers unparalleled transparency and presence with minimal phase shift. Easy recall is possible thanks to detent controls on all knobs including the INPUT ATTN.

Maag EQ2 Overview:
• Single Slot 500-series EQ
• 2-band EQ with Maag’s renowned Air Band
• Additional 15k Hz Frequency
• LMF Boost Bell curve with tight and wide
• Frequency range: Sub, 40Hz, 57Hz, 65Hz, 88Hz, 150Hz, 220Hz, 250Hz, 400Hz, 1k Hz, 1.4 kHz
• Minimal phase shift
• Same high quality components as Maag EQ4
• Detent controls for easy recall
The Maag Audio EQ2 will be available in the UK from KMR Audio and will be ready for shipping from mid-August – KMR Audio


Maag Audio EQ2 Price: £450.00 ex.VAT (£540.00 Inc.VAT)