Meet the Macchiato Mini Synth from Zeppelin Design Labs

Zeppelin Design Labs presents the Macchiato Mini Synth; their latest release that boasts a hackable Arduino system and duophonic sound for as little as $39…

macchiato mini synth

With a built in touch-sensitive keyboard, an on-board speaker and eight control knobs to shape your sounds the Macchiato is designed to be fun for “DIY audio enthusiasts, geeks, hacks, 8-bit nerds, chip music heroes, teachers, musicians, kids, aunts, gramps and champs” alike.


Take a peek inside the Macchiato and things get even more interesting with the Mozzi sound synthesis library for Arduino, an open source platform that can be used to create complex and even algorithmic sounds.

If you’re interested you can get your very own Macchiato in one of two forms. The cheapest version is a kit that requires you to assemble it yourself (make sure you’re over 13 first) or you can buy a pre-built one for $96. Both models come with different cabinet options (you can even build your own) and can be powered via 9v adapter or batteries.

To purchase and for full specs and details head over to the Zeppelin Design Labs site here. Watch it in action below.