Guitar and Bass Classics – 90’s Guitar Anthology Out Now!

Our sister magazine Guitar and Bass Classics has a brand new issue out today – Editor John Callaghan and the team bring you the Nineties Guitar Anthology:

 This 132-page issue is filled dangerously to the brim with features celebrating the majesty of guitar-driven music from the 1990s.


For plenty, the last decade of the 20th Century was THE last halcyon period of guitar music – and, indeed, guitar playing in general. Whatever your views (or your age) once you read this collection of tasty features on such luminaries as Kurt Cobain, Noel Gallagher and The Edge, to name but three, we’re sure you’ll agree that the tunes, and the musicians that delivered them, stand the test of time.

Indeed, if this Anthology doesn’t make you spend some quality time with your stereo and your guitar as you wallow in some 1990s-inspired riffage then you’ll be stronger people than we were when putting this together, we’re not ashamed to admit.

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