MusicTech Focus: Ableton Live 2015 Is On Sale Now!

The latest MusicTech Focus is on sale now – and this time we’re looking at everything Ableton Live!

Our latest Focus is dedicated to (arguably) the world’s finest DAW, and put together by the Live experts here at MusicTech magazine. In this special issue we have two very different, very large and hopefully very useful workshops to help take your Ableton productions up a notch. First up, Martin Delaney’s Ultimate Guide To Ableton Live which takes you on a general Live course, starting at the beginning and then quickly entering the world of basic and more complex programming.


It’s a six-part monster that will be useful if you are either a Live beginner or intermediate user. We also have our Build A Track From Scratch series of tutorials that takes you on a journey to build a complete piece of music over 21 tip-packed pages. It might be specific to dubstep but you will pick up essential advice along the way for whatever genre of music you produce. As usual we have stacks of reviews, general advice features plus tips and tricks and, for the first time, reveal the studios that your fellow Live users employ!

Enjoy this special issue and keep that music coming…

  • Hands on workshops to take you from beginner to expert
  • Produce a track from scratch: Huge 21-page guide
  • Music making on a budget
  • The best gear for your Live studio!
  • Packed DVD
  • And Much More!