MusicTech Focus: Logic Pro X 2015 Is On Sale Now!

The latest issue of MusicTech Focus is on sale now, this time we’re exploring pretty much everything there is to know about Logic Pro X.

If you are a Logic user then this mag is for you – we think it’s our best ever Logic guide, with all new content and workshops aimed at all levels of Logic user. If you are new to music production, we start at the very beginning on p6 with a guide to sequencing and a gentle introduction to the world of Logic.


More advanced users will be getting the best out of Logic’s instruments on pages 10 and 32 and elsewhere there are guides to automation, increasing speed of workflow and a whole set of music to picture walkthroughs. Something for everyone then!

But we don’t ever leave it there with these special Focuses as we always include lots of larger features that examine the wider aspects of music production, so there are guides to getting more exposure for your music, getting paid and even getting a job.

Add a big reviews section and we reckon we have you covered for all aspects of Logic and music production in general.

  • 11 step-by-step workshops
  • Pro guides to careers & music for film
  • The best gear for your logic studio
  • 40 power tips for audio editing
  • Get your music heard by the right people
  • DVD: 2.5 Hours of tuition videso, 1GB+ of samples