MusicTech Focus: Recording and Mixing is on Sale Now!

MusicTech Focus: Recording and Mixing is on sale now!

Assembling and mixing your core sounds are the most dramatic processes in music production, and we’re focussing on both processes here. Recording sounds from the outside world – that is drums, vocals and so on – into the comfortable and safe environment of your DAW can be a tough ask. But we’ve broken it down – both in terms of how you set up your recording session outside of your computer and how to set up the session within your computer – with special tutorials and workshops on both external and internal recording.


Similarly, the mixing process is dealt with in detail for whatever popular DAW you employ. We’ve also rounded up some of the best tools of the trade for both recording and mixing and rounded up microphones in different categories that will do a great recording job, whatever your budget. In short, we want you to ‘record, play and mix’ with ease and believe this issue will help with just that. As ever we want to hear the results so whatever music you make today, send it in. Enjoy the issue!

This Issue Includes:

  • The Complete, Pro Guide to Music Production
  • 15 in-depth workshops for every major DAW
  • From set-up to mix: produce the perfect track
  • The best microphones and recording gear rated
  • 100s of samples, hours of tutorials on the DVD

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