MusicTech Focus – Ableton Live 10

Become an Ableton expert with this guide to version 10!

This is a very special issue of MusicTech Focus dedicated the latest version of the incredibly popular music creation software, Ableton Live. It’s particularly appropriate timing to do a complete magazine on Live (or Ableton as an increasing number of producers call it) as it has recently matured to version 10. This latest update is packed full of new workflow features and also includes a great new Wavetable synth which is capable of some incredible, evolving sounds.


In this special issue, Ableton expert Martin Delaney looks in depth at these new additions in several workshops and also explores the software’s Clip Envelopes and MIDI routing options in other step-by-step tutorials. Combine Martin’s dedicated Live workshops with Associate Professor Erin Barra’s Contemporary Music Production Technique features and we have a record number of pages dedicated to help you make better music.

And don’t worry if you are completely new to music making as our opening two tutorials explain how to make a complete piece of music from scratch in Ableton Live and then arrange and mix it. We’re also offering a lot of buying knowledge, revealing the best hardware and software for your Live studio, including soft synths, MIDI controllers and scoring software, not to mention all the latest reviews of new studio gear.

Throw in over 100 inside tips from professional studio owners and producers and we really do think it’s a special issue that will have you producing better music in Live (or indeed playing live as we have that covered too!) in no time at all.

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