Music Tech Focus Recording 2013

Recording 2013 is the latest Music Tech Focus and features 132 pages of essential advice on every aspect of recording to help you make the perfect take every time. Whether you are recording vocals or instruments, in the field or in the studio, Recording 2013 has all the advice you need. There’s everything from kitting out your studio to top tips for recording drums. There’s advice for vocal production, mic’ing up instruments, orchestral recording and even a history of recording over the last 50 years!

There are also tutorials for every DAW including the latest versions of Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Logic and Reason, so whatever music software you use there’s plenty of in-depth pro advice to help improve your recordings.


Music Tech Focus: Recording 2013 also includes a free DVD, packed with hours of tutorial videos,  software demos and free software and over 500MB of royalty free samples.

Technology may have put recorders in more hands than ever before, but capturing the perfect take is still an art form. But if you’ve ever wanted to capture any instrument or vocal there’s enough knowledge over these 132 pages to either make the process easier or the results better… or indeed both!

Order your copy and free DVD online today and get them delivered direct to your door. Pay just £8.99 (inc P&P) from the UK, £11 from Europe and £14 from the USA & Rest of World.


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