MusicTech Magazine: Issue 127 – Recording Masterclass

The new issue of MusicTech Magazine is out now and this month we’ve got a recording masterclass!




This month MusicTech Magazine includes:

  • Recording Masterclass: The first part of a major series of guides, starting with large-capsule condensers and explaining many of the tech terms involved in recording with mics plus top tips and advice along the way…
  • The MT Deconstruction – Kraftwerk: The Model: By closely examining other people’s tracks you can learn some stunning techniques that you can use in your own music. In the second part of this series we look at Kraftwerk’s classic The Model – and learn that simplicity is everything….
  • Become A Power User – Part 2: The second part of our Power User series for all the major DAWs continues this month, looking at Cubase, Reason, Ableton Live, FL Studio and many more…
  • Reviews of all the latest gear and software including the Bass Station II, Sony Sound Forge, Steinberg HALion and many more
  • Genre Focus – Trance: This month the nuts and bolts of creating music entirely in the digital domain come under scrutiny as Rob Boffard deconstructs a trance track.
  • Advance: MusicTech’s team on the latest industry developments, plus predictions, releases and what’s been happening at
  • Technique in Logic Pro X: Logic Pro X’s extensive range of new features and tools expands yet further its creative potential. Mark Cousins gets you up and running with some of the new tools.
  • Landmark Productions: Joy Divison – Unknown Pleasures: Joy Division’s haunting, angular and atmospheric debut now enjoys its status as a much-revered classic. We’ve got the insight this month…


ON THE DVD: We bring you a stunning collection of retro pad sounds this month, plus instrumental hip hop kits and house/garage loops. You’ll also find pro tips on Logic X, Live 9 and Ozone 5, demos, promo videos and all the files for this issue’s tutorials


Retro Neon Pads: Nostalgia-tinged multisampled pad sounds, meticulously crafted using the Waldorf Q synth


Smooth Hip Hop Kits: This pack from Equinox Sounds features five original and inspiring construction kits with a range of 100% royalty-free riffs and hits from 97–142BPM.


Logic Pro X Explained: Logic Pro X represents arguably the most significant overhaul in Logic’s history, bringing a wealth of new features, instruments and tools as well as a major GUI update. However, don’t worry if you’re left scratching your head as we’ve got five chapters taken from Groove 3’s Logic Pro X Explained tutorial


Plus much more!

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