MusicTech Magazine: Issue 129 – Get Paid For Your Music

The new issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale now, and this month we’re looking at how to get paid for your music! We’ve got a massive feature investigating sync libraries and getting your compositions of film, tv and game!




This month’s MusicTech magazine includes

  • Get Paid For Your Music: Fact: you’re more likely to make a decent income from sync music – that’s music in film, TV and video games – than you ever will with chart fame. Another fact: it’s easier than you might think to get into. Rob Boffard has the advice and the contacts you’ll need…
  • Blancmange Interview: It sounds like a dream assignment in many ways: using the latest software to record a classic album. But as Blancmange’s Neil Arthur reveals, the re-imagining of the band’s debut album Happy Families was not all plain-sailing, as Andy Jones finds out.
  • Apple Mavericks: What Apple’s latest OS offers the musician
  • Reviews: Novation Launchpad Mini, Maschine Studio, Cakewalk Sonar X3, M-Audio Axiom AIR 25 and more!
  • Tutorials: Become a power user in all the major DAWs – part 4!
  • Genre Focus: How to produce drum and bass
  • The MT Deconstruction: Orbital’s Chime can be easily re-created in software, we’ll show you how!
  • Landmark Productions: Doctor Who Theme: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of TV’s Doctor Who we take a look at how its iconic theme tune was created.
On the DVD
Psychadelic Guitar Loops: Long before computer plug-ins began effecting instruments in weird and wonderful ways, the humble guitar was the focus of much experimentation. Sound designer Richard James has channelled his inner hippy to craft an astonishing pack of 60 heavily effected guitar loops at 120BPM
Hip Hop One Shots: Our friends at Equinox Sounds have put together a collection of drum, FX and instrument one-shots for use in hip hop and urban-style tracks. You’ll find kicks, snares, claps and percussion sounds alongside big bass hits, FX sweeps and atmospheric synth stabs. For those who want to add some ghetto flavour to their tracks, you’ll also find 64 bonus gun-shot sounds!
Recording Vocals: Recording and mixing the perfect vocal is a tricky business, but multi-platinum-selling producer and engineer Kenny Gioia is here to help with three chapters taken from his recent Groove 3 tutorial, Recording Vocals Explained. The first video looks at mic preamps, choosing the right microphone and how best to position your singer.
And much much more!

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