MusicTech Issue 130 – Supercharge Your Sound

The New Issue of MusicTech magazine is on sale now! and this month we’ve got a fantastic feature exploring fifty techniques that will supercharge your sound!

This month’s MusicTech magazine includes:


50 Ways To Supercharge Your Sound: Turning a good sound into a great one isn’t as hard as you might think. By following a few simple rules and employing some choice techniques, you too can get a unique and memorable sound for your tracks. Hollin Jones explains how

Tutorials: Our power user series continues with a look at manipulating audio in Cubase, Live, Logic, Pro Tools and Reason

Reviews: Reviewed this month: The Arturia Microbrute, Korg/Littlebits Synth Kit, Novation Launchkey Mini, Apple MacBook Pro Retina and much more!

Gear of the Year: We reveal the 12 winners of our annual Gear of the Year survey!

Interview: Young Punx: The Young Punx’s Hal Ritson goes along way when it comes to making original yet vintage-sounding dance music. Liam O’Mullane discovers his incredible process.

The Ultimate Guide To Ribbon Mics: The technology may be nearly a century old, but the ribbon mic is making a huge comeback. In this complete guide, Huw Price reveals how you can kit your studio out with a ribbon or two for less outlay than you might think.


Genre Tutorial – D’n’B Part 2: Following on from the creation of drum beats and bass lines in Part 1, Liam O’Mullane turns his attention to the vital elements of melody, atmosphere and arrangement techniques.

Landmark Productions: Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Millions:  From start to finish, Public Enemy’s second album is one of hip hop’s towering achievements. Believe the hype, says Andy Price…

On The DVD: We bring you a mix of the synthetic and acoustic this month, with wavetable synth sounds and synthesis tutorials alongside live instrument loops and studio tours. You’ll also find compositional tips, software and all the files for this month’s tutorials.

Wavetable Basses and Pads:  Although subtractive synthesis can create fat and powerful sounds, you may need to turn to alternative methods if you want richer, more complex timbres. This is exactly what our friends at PinkNoise Studio have done for this month’s lead pack, which delves deep into Waldorf’s excellent wavetable-based iPad synth Nave. You’ll find an exclusive collection of ten multisampled synth sounds ranging from tight, resonant basses and detailed moving pads to more esoteric and dissonant sound-design patches.

Summer Chillout Kits: As the cold winter nights draw in, bring a little sunshine to your studio with this collection of summer chillout construction kits. You’ll find four folders ranging from 90–128BPM, with loops for creating ambient deep house and trip hop-style tracks. Each folder contains a full mix plus individual instrument parts, including piano melodies, synth lines, bass lines, pads, FX and drum loops. The files are in high-quality 32-bit/44.1kHz format, and as an added bonus there are also MIDI files for each kit, so you can edit the phrases and load your own sounds.

Vintage Drums: The Young Punx: Producer Hal Ritson takes a multi-mic’ed drum recording and explores ways of making it sound like a crunchy 60s break, then goes on to craft a tighter 70s-style disco version of the same beat. He’s also supplied remix stems from The Young Punx track Harlem Breakdown for you to play around with – and if you come up with a great remix, The Young Punx would love to hear it (contact details included on the DVD)

And much much more!

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