MusicTech – The 150th Issue

It’s celebration time here at MusicTech as we reveal our 150th issue! quite a milestone we’re sure you’ll agree. What an issue we’ve got to celebrate, complete with double-DVD!

First we’ve compiled the 150 best gear, studios, quotes and tips from the last 150 issues of MusicTech and we sit down for chats with studio legends Tony Visconti and Bob Clearmountain. We’ve also got a whole host of tutorials, reviews and a brand new feature looking at the six ways to save time when recording. Throw in a double disc and you’ve got yourself one of our most jam-packed issues ever!

The 150th issue of MusicTech includes…

  • The 150 Best – Andy Jones offers a quick history lesson, reveals that it’s the environment that counts, and unveils the 150 best tips, tech, quotes and studios of the last 12.5 years
  • Tony Visconti Interview – There is no-one quite as innovative and unpredictable as Tony Visconti, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Bowie, Bolan and many other musical icons. Andy Price sits down for a chat with a bona-fide studio legend
  • Bob Clearmountain Interview – We speak to Bob Clearmountain about mixing some of hte most iconic artists of our time…
  • Six of the Best:  Headphones – From mixing to mastering, from accuracy to comfort, the best cans revealed
  • 6 Ways to Save Time –  Rob Boffard has six tips to make things quicker in the studio
  • Reviews –  From Beatles hardware to cutting-edge software we look at Chandler’s REDD.47, Plug-In Boutique’s Carbon Electra, Omnisphere 2, MunroSonic’s EGG 100 monitors, Thermionic Culture’s Little Red Bustard and many more…
  • Tutorials –  This month we look at producing cinematic bass in Logic, rhythmic sound design in Reason, working with audio effects in Ableton Live and we explore the recording of kick drums
  • Double Disc –  If that wasn’t enough we’ve a free bonus DVD in addition to our usual jam-packed offering. We’ve 150 amazing FX, piano melodies and two hours of info packed tutorial videos on mixing, mastering and more.

Plus much much more….