MusicTech – The Freeware Issue

The new issue of MusicTech is on sale Thursday September 17th. This month we roundup the top 50 freeware for your music-making setup. Including the best synths, effects, DAWs and beats for free! We’ve also got the latest reviews, in-depth tutorials and a guide to getting inspired!

In the best 50 freeware plugins feature we reveal the best free synth, DAW and effect plug-ins, we talk techno with Bulletdodge Records and look at their Live setup, we have 20 tips on EQ, six ways to get inspiration, six of the best emulations of classic gear. Plus tutorials covering Logic, Pro Tools, Reason and Live, reviews of Yamaha’s Reface, iConnectivity’s iCA4+ Sonokinetic’s Tutti Vox choir, Adam S3X-H monitors and much more….

This month’s MusicTech Magazine includes


The Freeware Top 50 – We reveal the best free synth, DAW and effect plug-ins

Talking Techno – Bulletdodge Records and their Live set-up

20 Tips on EQ – 20 tips to get your EQ perfect

6 of the Best Hardware Emulations of Classic Gear – The latest 6 of the best feature rounds up our fave recreations of classic physical kit

6 Ways to Get Inspiration – Six methods to get you more creative when music making

Reviews – This month we look at Yamaha’s Reface, Adam’s S3X-H monitors, dbx 676 Channel Strip, iConnectivity’s iCA4+ interface, Sonokinetic Tutti Vox choir and much more


Tutorials – This month creative fx routing in Logic, building arrangements in Live, wrangling with frequencies when mastering in Pro Tools, working with REX in Reason and much more…

DVD – On the DVD this month we’ve got 67 free full plug-ins! 2hrs of video and 869 loops & hits

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