MusicTech Magazine – Issue 173: Make Brilliant Beats

In the new issue of MusicTech we explore the range of options available to you for beat making in 2017. With guides to programming 10 different genres, hands-on hardware, beat-making tutorials, sequencing tips and even ways to (kind of) cheat. Elsewhere this issue we explore the amazing studio of Benge as he launches new project Fader alongside Blancmange’s Neil Arthur, we interview the fascinating synth-pop artist Jane Weaver. We review the Novation Peak, iZotope’s RX 6 and Reason 9.5 plus a range of tutorials and educational content to help you in your music making endeavours.

MusicTech magazine 173 includes:

  • Make Brilliant Beats – 12 pages of hands-on rhythmic tips and guides: whatever your budget!
  • Fader interview – We take a guided tour around Benge’s amazing studio ahead of he and Neil Arthur’s first ‘Fader’ album
  • Jane Weaver – We speak to the fascinating synth-pop artist Jane Weaver
  • Reviews – We share our thoughts on the Novation Peak, iZotope RX 6, Reason 9.5 and much more…
  • Tutorials – Learn how equalise your Logic mixes, control hardware with Live and convert MIDI to CV
  • DVD – 1.21GB of samples and loops, 2 hours of video and 2 free plug-ins

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