MusicTech Focus: Ableton Live 9 Is On Sale Now!

The latest issue of MusicTech Focus devotes its attention to the ever popular Ableton Live 9….

If you use Live – or indeed ‘Ableton’ as many users are now calling it – for music production, you must realise what a powerful tool you have at your disposal. The idea of this focus guide is to help you access that power and use the software to its full potential. We’ve therefore included everything from compositional workshops – where we cover genres including techno and dubstep – to technique workshops, where we explore many major features of the software.

With more than 50 pages of walkthroughs I’m hoping that your music production skills will improve as a result. And if they do, we’ve even included features on how to promote your resulting tunes online, so you are hopefully holding everything you need to improve your Live life. Enjoy the issue!

This Issue Includes:

  • 52 Pages of Hands-On Live 9 Workshops
  • Supercharge your sound & computer
  • The best gear for your Live studio
  • Master dubstep, techno and drum ‘n’ bass
  • DVD: Tuition videos, plug-ins & samples


Now available to BUY NOW ONLINE for immediate dispatch to anywhere in the world

Also for sale at WH Smiths