MusicTech Focus: Logic Pro 2018

The new MusicTech Focus magazine is on sale from Thursday 5th October 2017 where we’ve got 132 pages dedicated to all-things Logic Pro. Please note that physical copies are now sold out, but you can still purchase a digital copy from the links below.

logic pro 2018

(Physical copies now sold out)


Welcome to Logic Pro 2018, a complete magazine dedicated to Apple’s amazing music production software. We have a record-breaking number of workshops designed to take your Logic music productions to the next level. There’s everything from saving time when you make music to creating better beats and effects. The main aim with our introductory tutorial on p6 is to get you up and running in Logic with a fantastic, all-singing, all dancing Template, so that whenever you boot the software up you are ready to make music with all of your favourite sounds, right away.

There’s a whole lot more discussed in that tutorial on how you can save time and focus on being creative, which is ultimately the message of this issue: if we can speed up the dull bits of music making for you, then you can concentrate on the interesting stuff and have more fun on the way!

We also have several top tips features (starting on p18) and a huge article on p56 about creating a studio from scratch whatever your budget or musical leaning. Finally we have interviews with stars like Goldfrapp (p46) and all the latest gear for your Logic studio on test from p96.

Enjoy the issue!

  • 34 pages of hands-on workshops – power up in Logic now
  • Speed up your music making – expert advice and cheats inside
  • Create the perfect recording studio whatever your budget
  • Packed DVD! 1.1GB of royalty-free samples and 2.5hrs of tuition
  • PLUS 90 Pro Tips * The best buying advice * 30+ gear tests