MusicTech Focus: Logic Pro X 2016

The latest issue of MusicTech Focus is on sale now, and this time we’ve got the ultimate in-depth guide to Logic Pro X…

MusicTech Focus - Logic Pro X 2016

It’s time for a special MusicTech Focus dedicated to Apple’s finest music production DAW. In this issue you’ll find everything you need to make better music with Logic, from turning scratch-pad melodies into full productions, to in-depth workshops on some of Logic’s greatest features.


Kicking things off, there’s a huge feature on mixing which should have you polishing up any looped ideas that you have sat on your hard drive. There are also masterclasses on some of the instruments that come bundled with Logic including the ever faithful EXS sampler and the all-new Alchemy synth.

We also look at some of the best new tech that you can buy for your Logic set-up including all the latest hardware and software. We even round up the best six items in various studio categories, hopefully taking the hard work out of your buying decisions. But it’s not just about parting with cash because we also reveal the best free plug-ins that run with Logic.

All in all, we should have you working better, faster and more productively with Logic and you can now bolster your set up with the best freebies going. Not bad for one, albeit very special issue of MusicTech.

MusicTech Focus: Logic Pro X 2016 Includes…

  • 43 Pages of workshops
  • Freeware 50! – The best free software for your Logic setup
  • Great Gear – for your Logic studio revealed and rated
  • Packed DVD – 1.1GB copyright-free samples & 2.5 hours of video
  • 20 EQ & MIDI tips + The guide to mastering

Plus much much more…

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