MusicTech Focus: Logic Pro X Summer 2016

The new issue of MusicTech Focus is on sale now, and this time we’re once again exploring pretty much everything there is to know about one of the world’s most popular DAW’s – Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X Summer 2016 is a special MusicTech Focus dedicated to Apple Logic, the number-one DAW for music production. We’ve gone all out to bring you a comprehensive round up of all things Logic in this special issue – with all new workshops from our Logic expert Mark Cousins, who deals with advanced features on compression and mixing.


But there’s something for newcomers to the software as well, as we look at putting entire tracks together in Logic and include all the audio material you need on the cover DVD so you can get producing right away. We’ve also got interviews with high profile Logic users (Little Boots and producer supremo BT), plus a whole list of hardware and software under the reviews spotlight. Logic is already a great music-production tool, but I hope that this issue arms you with the knowledge you need to get even more from it. Enjoy the issue and remember to send us your music and show off your studio set-ups!

MusicTech Focus: Logic Pro X Summer 2016 is On Sale Now

MusicTech Focus: Logic Pro X Summer 2016 Includes…

  • 30 Pages of Workshops
  • The pro guide to Making a Track
  • The best gear for your Logic Studio
  • Ultimate Remixing Guide
  • Packed DVD – 1.1GB of copyright-free samples and 2.5hrs of video
  • Computer Performance Tips

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