MusicTech Focus: Mastering 2014 Is Out Now

MusicTech Focus – Mastering 2014 is on sale now

In the latest MusicTech focus we’re exploring the intricacies of mastering, if you want to add a professional sheen to your music then this is the mag for you. We have guides to all aspects of mastering including an introduction to traditional mastering (on p6) plus lots of other different aspects of the subject within specific DAWs. But we’ve designed these tutorials so that you can take knowledge from them and apply it to whatever DAW you use. For example, Liam O’Mullane has written a guide to mastering for club music in Live, but you can easily apply those principles to Logic, Cubase or whatever you use.


Similarly, Mike Hillier’s in-depth tutorials on mid/side processing in Pro Tools will certainly leave you with enough transferable knowledge on what can be a tricky subject. Elsewhere we have a buyer’s guide on studio monitors, producer and mastering engineer interviews, plus reviews of the latest studio gear, with the emphasis on the mastering process.

So I hope you gain enough from this special issue to ultimately make your productions more robust, solid and professional (but not necessarily louder)..

Enjoy the issue, and happy mastering.


In this issue:

  • The complete lowdown on the mastering process
  • Step-by-step tutorials for every major DAW
  • Production tips and tricks from the professionals
  • The best studio equipment rounded up and rated
  • Room to studio: THE guide to DIY acoustics

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