MusicTech Issue 189: Make Music For Free

Music production can be a massively expensive hobby. From the wide range of physical gear we recommend each month, the myriad plug-ins, effects, tools and DAWs that are the bedrock of 21st-century production, all the way to the investment in attending networking events and freeing up time to actually make music – everything costs.

MusicTech 189

But – as we continue to highlight – you can save at least some of that outlay by spending some time assembling a collection of freeware tools that, in 2018, don’t lack much that their more expensive alternatives have to offer. Andy Jones explores the various pieces of software that, once assembled, provide you with, ostensibly, a free studio (aside from your computer of course!), meaning you can spend your cash on more important things… a new synth for example.

MusicTech 189 includes:

  • Make Music For Free – How to compile a pro music-making set-up with our ultimate freeware guide
  • Interviews – Massive Attack’s Neil Davidge talks about recording Mezzanine; Rudimental chats about collaborating with the biggest names in pop; and Lauren Deakin Davies, the youngest member of the MPG, explains her production ethos
  • Reviews – Andy Jones explores Novation’s newest controller, the SL MkIII; Alex Holmes finds his voice with Synchro’s Revoice Pro 4; Dave Gale dissects Spitfire Audio’s Studio Strings Professional; and John Pickford listens closely to Adam Audio’s latest entry-level monitor, the T7V
  • DVD – 4GB of videos, workshop, plug-ins and samples including Found Sound Arps, Equinox Sounds Future Bass Kits, and a Sample Magic Taster Pack

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