MusicTech Magazine Issue 188: Mastering Your Music

Mastering is frequently regarded as a technique that is best left to the experts, one that requires an almost superhuman level of hearing and a bespoke mastering suite, filled with state of the art equipment. It’s little wonder that when many music makers and producers reach that stage in the process, they outsource their mastering without a second thought.

Music Tech issue 188

However, that need not always be the case. In our cover feature this month, Adam Crute unravels the deep mysteries of mastering and explains how – with a little know-how – you can take on the daunting task of preparing your music for release yourself.


Also in this issue, we had the amazing honour of speaking to Doctor Who’s new composer Segun Akinola. A BAFTA Breakthrough Brit, Segun’s compositions for the beloved series are inspired by the original, experimental approach that the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop spearheaded in the 1960s, but they still retain his own unique stamp.

Elsewhere, we have a whole new heap of lovely products in our review section, with IK’s all-analogue UNO synth in particular being a tremendously useful (and fun!) piece of tech. Our practical, DAW-specific guides this month cover a typically vast range of topics alongside a general guide to EQing your tracks. I hope you enjoy this issue.

MusicTech 188 includes:

  • Mastering Your Music – A comprehensive hands-on guide to optimising your tracks for release
  • Show Off Your Studio – We visit Electrick Studio, Montenegro, dedicated to outstanding acoustics
  • Interviews – Segun Akinola redefines the Doctor Who score, The Orb revisit their three decades of music-making, and Mad Zach explains his dark yet innovative style
  • Reviews – Mark Cousins examines the expressive potential of using MIDI controllers in Logic, Martin Delaney assesses the allure of guitar pedals in Live, Adam Crute explains how to route signals in Cubase, Mike Hillier masters the four Edit Modes in Pro Tools, and Andy Jones looks at the workflow improvements in Reason 10.2
  • DVD – 4GB of videos, workshop, plug-ins and samples including Equinox Sounds Psy Trance Loops, Digital Brain instruments Transformer, Jordan Suckley Tech Trance Masterclass, and Spitfire Audio British Drama Toolkit

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