MeldaProduction Release Range of new Plugins

MeldaProduction has been busy this year releasing numerous new plug-ins, but there are four in particular that could be real game changers…

MPhatik – €99


A dynamic multi-effect that features an amp simulator, convolution reverb and a compressor, which promises to bring warmth to your audio and restore the original dynamics. There’s also the option to use the side-chain input to drive MPhatik, leaving it to restore the dynamics whilst you process the audio with your own tools.

MTurboComp – €199

Designed to emulate most of the classic vintage analogue compressors the MTurboComp aims to speed up your workflow thanks to a multitude of sounds available with a single-click. You can also design your own super-compressors with it.

MBassador – €39 (introductory price)


For any bass junkies that crave the elusive sub-bass spectrum in their mixes, MBassador is all you need, or so Melda claim. There are two modules that make up the plug-in; the first allows users to post-process existing bass content and create tight and stable audio and the second module to generate sub-bass from the existing audio.

MTurboEQ – €49 (introductory price)

Inspired by some of the most well known classic hardware the MTurboEQ is very much like the MTurboComp, but it also has an ace up its sleeve. Despite working with different and complex EQs, Melda has worked to create an almost identical interface for each EQ, eliminating the have to familiarize yourselves with a new set of controls.

For further information head to Melda’s website