MemoryMoog Ableton Instrument Pack For Just $10 (£8/€9)

Moog’s revered polyphonic MemoryMoog synth has been discontinued since 1985 and anyone wanting to lay claim to a second hand model would have to prepare to pay up to ten thousand dollars for the privilege. However, thanks to Expanding Sound you can get an affordable version in Live.


Sampling the classic synth to create a set of 24 Ableton Live instruments, Expanding Sound believe they’ve made a worthy emulation befitting the MemoryMoog.


“These Ableton Instruments were all hand crafted from patches created for this pack. It really sounds great. The leads are huge, the pads are massive, and the bass is monstrous.” These impressive feats are possible thanks to recording the synth in unison mode, stacking several of its 18 oscillators on top of each other for that “monstrous” sound.

On top of the 24 Ableton Live instruments the MemoryMoog instrument pack also includes an Ableton Live audio effect rack, which is tailored to accompany the instrument presets.

The MemoryMoog Ableton instrument pack is available here from Expanding Sound for $5 (£4/€5) for a limited time, or $10 (£8/€9) after that.