Mercuriall Audio Software Release Spark Amp Sim

Mercuriall Audio Software has released Spark, a new amp sim audio plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows in AU, VST and AAX plugin formats. It models four Marshall tube amplifiers, four guitar cabinets, four overdrive pedals and a set of the most common spatial effects which we think is rather cool! More info (and review) coming soon. In the meantime check out the official info below…


Official Information – Spark


• Electronic circuits of amps and pedals are modeled using Neural Networks technology
• Pedals, preamp and power amp are working within the same oversampling cycle to eliminate additional latency
• Several preamp and power amp tubes to choose from
• Realistic and smooth positioning of up to two microphones simultaneously
• Stereo-mode: right and left channels are processing the signal independently
• Delay and reverb can be used in parallel
• Plugin supports CPU multi-threading

The Amp section is based on:

Marshall® AFD (four channels)
Marshall® JCM® 800 (two channels)
Marshall® JMP Super Lead (two channels) with Master Mod
Marshall® JMP Super Bass (two channels) with Master Mod

Price: $120.
Intro price: (December 20-23rd): $99.
Special price for the U530 owners: $99.

Demo version limitations:
* Occasional silence.
* Plugin settings cannot be saved.
* Default plugin settings are restored every 20 minutes.

For additional details please visit


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