MIDI Touchbar is the world’s smallest MIDI controller

Owners of Apple’s new MacBook Pro haven’t had much in the way of musical application for the touch strip, until now, with the release of the free MIDI Touchbar plug-in…

midi touchbar

Proudly crowned the world’s smallest MIDI controller, the plug-in allows you to control parameters on DAWs such as Ableton Live, Logic and Cubase from the Touch Bar. There’s also compatibility with devices like Max and Pure Data and you can fully customize it via the “Customize Touch Bar” setting in the menu.


Whilst it’s been noted that the preset controller assignments put certain limitations on the plug-in, MIDI Touchbar is perfect for trying out a new plug-ins on the go in favour of the laptop keyboard.

To download MIDI Touchbar head here where you can find further information on how it all works.