Deck out your studio with the affordable Minijam Studio from Mindflood

If space and finances are holding back that music studio you’ve been dreaming of then take a look at the Minijam Studio, which includes an ultra-compact drum machine, wavetable synth, mixer, speaker and an analogue filter for an equally small price…

minijam studio

It comes by way of Mindflood who also created the popular modular music system Patchblocks and their philosophy of accessibility, affordability and fun are still at the very core of the Minijam Studio.


A spokesperson tells us that, “minijam is based on the idea of what happens when you boil down a hardware studio or live performance setup to very compact and affordable products. Maybe compromising pro-features, but not compromising the enjoyment of noodling and jamming with such machines.”

The Devices

  • tek.drum – offers eight tracks of drum synthesis with four automatable parameters per track. You can create eight 16-step patterns, and patterns can be chained up to 128 steps.
  • tek.waves, – 16 automatable parameters spread across four pages. There are four patterns, each of which can be of up to 128 steps, plus a built-in arpeggiator.
    • Both of the above can run for up to 12 hours on their rechargeable batteries and feature a delay effect.
  • tek.filter – a 2-pole resonant lowpass/bandpass filter, the .hub, a 3-channel mono mixer with sync trigger output per channel, a tempo control and the option to record your performances to an SD card, and the .boom portable speaker.

At the time of writing the campaign has reached over £28,000 of its £50,000 budget in just over a day since launching (2nd April) so if this project is right up your alley don’t delay in backing it.

Pricing and Availability:
Minijam Studio is available through Kickstarter for just £130. Each piece of gear is also available individually with tek.drums, tek.waves and tek.hub mixer costing £45 and tek.mixer costing £40.