Win a vintage Minimoog Model D signed by Herbie Hancock

The Bob Moog Foundation is hosting a raffle with a $25 entry

In its 2020 Minimoog Raffle, the Bob Moog Foundation has rallied Herbie Hancock to sign a vintage Minimoog Model D. The exact model possesses a serial number of 1549, and Hancock will be putting his John Hancock on the back panel of the synth alongside a musical staff and the inscription “Hey Bob!”. To enter the raffle, you’ll be required to purchase a raffle ticket, which will be $25 each, five for $100, 12 for $200 or 35 for $500. This is an international competition and will close at 11:59 pm on Tuesday 10 March 2020.

Speaking on the Bob Moog Foundation and the raffle itself, Hancock says “The Bob Moog Foundation is carrying on the educational mission of Bob Moog, ensuring that the future will be left in the hands of young people who are constantly creating, constantly breaking barriers. I support the Foundation in their work with Dr Bob’s SoundSchool because our future depends on inspiring today’s young children. They are our future.”

Herbie Hancock signed Minimoog


The Minimoog Model D on offer is in fully functional and technical condition, with a few minor cosmetic flaws that can be expected with an instrument of its age. It’s valued at $5,000 and is considered a collector’s item. The Bob Moog Foundation has said that it has “chosen not to restore the cosmetic flaws in an effort to safeguard the unique provenance of the synthesizer”.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Moog’s Minimoog Model D, its sonic legacy has touched almost every musical genre. Herbie Hancock is among the roster of legends who used the iconic synth, including Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, Abba, Sun Ra and Stevie Wonder.

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