The Minimoog Model D lives on as it arrives on iOS

Though it would be nice to own the real thing fans of the Minimoog Model D can take solace in the fact that it will live on as an iOS app…

Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch the much-loved, yet short lived Minimoog Model D costs just £4.99; a rather affordable amount, especially compared to the original’s £3,400 price tag.


There are 160 presets included to lead you on your own sonic forays and even features new additions not found on the original. Users can now play chords with up to four-note polyphony, take advantage of the ‘easy-to-use’ arpeggiator, layer up their tracks with a real-time looping recorder with unlimited overdubs, experiment with the tempo-synchronisable stereo ping-pong delay module and the Bender – a wide-range stereo time modulation effect module.

AUv3 Audio Unit extensions are also supported meaning the Model D can be integrated with iOS DAWs like GarageBand.

Minimoog Model D App key features:

  • Ships with over 160 presets (Hundreds more available in the Minimoog Model D App Store)
  • Up to 4-notes of polyphony
  • Easily share presets and audio recordings with friends
  • Arpeggiator module with note-hold capability
  • Stereo ping-pong delay effect
  • Bender time modulation effect
  • Real-time looping recorder with overdub and immediate sharing
  • Selectable envelope shapes and triggering behavior
  • Effortless MIDI CC mapping
  • Seamlessly backup presets to iCloud
  • Play mode for easier panel and keyboard interaction
  • A new take on the classic feedback/overload path

Pricing and Availability:
Minimoog Model D App is available to download now from the App Store or Moog’s website for the introductory price £4.99/$4.99. For more information head to the Moog website.