Moog teases ultra-limited drum machine Drummer From Another Mother

Moog has teased us with Drummer From Another Mother, an ultra-limited DIY drum module that will require a chunk of cash and even more commitment to attain…

drummer from another mother

The new module will not be made available to the general public; instead it will be the end product for 100 lucky attendants at the synth-engineering workshop at this year’s Moogfest.


The lucky hundred will attend two three-hour sessions over two days where they will be instructed by Moog engineers on the basics of analog synthesis and how to build their very own synth.

If you’re interested there are still Moogfest Engineer VIP workshop places available, but you’ll need to drop $1,500 for the privilege, though we think that’s small fry when presented with an ultra-limited edition synth made with your own hands. Though no experience is necessary Moog recommends having some basic soldering knowledge.

Should you be lucky enough to secure a place the pass allows you access to the festival as well as VIP viewing areas too. For full information head to the Moog website here.