Moog unveils the Moog One, its first polysynth in decades

A culmination of decades of R&D, the Moog One Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer is the brand’s new flagship product.

Moog OneMoog has revealed the Moog One, the brand’s first analogue polysynth in over 35 years and its most inventive to date. The new synth builds on Moog’s heritage designs, but features brand-new tech that puts it on the cutting edge.

Here’s a quick spec overview:


The Moog One is a tri-timbral, polyphonic analogue synth available in eight- or 16-voice configurations. Each voice circuit is beefed up by three dual-output analogue VCOs with ring mod and frequency modulation, two independent analogue filters, a dual-source analogue noise generator, an analogue mixer with external audio input, four LFOs, and three envelope generators.

Each of the synthesiser’s three timbres features its own sequencer, arpeggiator, and onboard effects library – including reverbs from Eventide.

In terms of presets, the Moog One can handle up to 64 loaded into the front panel for instant recall, but thousands of others can be saved on its internal browser. Moog has also made these searchable by categories, tags and notations.

Moog OneOver on the controls, the Moog One’s front panel sports over 200 knobs and switches aimed at providing an immersive sound design experience. The brand claims the new synth “is a dynamic conduit for the expression of one’s own unique creative voice.”

And if you’re curious about the support for this flagship synth, Moog has you covered. On the Moog One’s rear panel is an ethernet port that allows the device to receive remote support from the brand’s technicians.

In support of the new release, Moog has produced a promo film starring Ryuichi Sakamoto, Dev Hynes, Jeff Bhasker and Suzanne Ciani that you can watch here:


Pricing and Availability:

The eight- and 16-voice Moog One retail for $5,999 and $7,999, respectively. For more information head to