Musikmesse 2013: Pioneer Launces DJM 750 Four-Channel Mixer

Pioneer have today released details of their new DJM-750 four-channel mixer which features a built in 24 bit/96khz USB sound card and ‘Boost Colour FX’ The DJM-750 will be showcased at Musikmesse 2013, at Hall 5.1, booth C32.



Here is Pioneer’s official press release for the DJM-750:

Pioneer’s new DJM-750 four-channel digital mixer takes FX manipulation and software synergy to new levels, thanks to the new Boost Colour FX and a built-in 24-bit/96 kHz USB sound card.

“The DJM-750 combines our latest audio and FX technology in an attractively priced four-channel mixer to take over from the DJM-700. The new addition meets the demands of today’s DJs, with PC/Mac compatibility right out of the box,” explains Rik Parkinson, Product Planning Specialist, Pioneer Europe. Available in classic black and sleek silver, the DJM-750 is loaded with features to inspire creativity. The new Boost Colour FX adds a second effect to the Sound Colour FX in play, and lets DJs control the parameters of both FX with just one knob. The mixer boasts 13 Beat FX – including the new VINYL BRAKE – with a dedicated Level/Depth knob for tactile control of the wet/dry mix.

Like the DJM-850, the DJM-750 has a built-in high-quality USB sound card to enable simultaneous input and output with no deterioration of sound quality. Connection to laptops needs just one USB cable, for instant mixing with DJ software. The similarities with Pioneer’s top-flight mixers doesn’t stop there. The DJM-750 boasts high-quality sound design, familiar layout, high-performance faders, three-band EQ with complete kill, and full MIDI control.

The DJM-750 is available in classic black and sleek silver from June at a SRP of EUR 999/GBP 839, including VAT



NEW Boost Colour FX combines multiple FX control in a single knob

Boost Colour FX lets DJs engage and control Sound Colour FX and Beat FX all in one movement. Hitting the Boost FX button adds another layer of FX to the Sound Colour FX, and DJs can manipulate the parameters of both FX together depending on how fast they twist the large chrome knob.


Improved Beat FX with Level/Depth control

DJs can access 13 Beat FX, including the new VINYL BRAKE and the improved ROLL. The Level/Depth dial adjusts the wet/dry mix, while DJs can control the tempo with the BEAT LEFT/RIGHT buttons and manual Time control.


Integrated USB four-channel sound card for easy connection to DJ software

  • The DJM-750 has a high-performance 24-bit/96 kHz sound card on-board, which enables simultaneous input and output of four channels with no deterioration of sound quality as it passes through the mixer.
  • Connection to PCs or laptops therefore requires just one USB cable, so DJs can start mixing with DJ software immediately.
  • Support for three sampling rates (96 kHz/48 kHz/44.1 kHz) and ASIO/Core Audio standards means the DJM-750 can also be used for music production and recording.
  • Pioneer’s user-friendly interface launches soon as the mixer is connected to a computer, so DJs can tweak the mixer settings to their preference.


High-quality audio circuits for pristine sound

The DJM-750 inherits the same 32-bit digital signal processor as Pioneer’s club-standard DJM-900nexus to suppress digital noise. A 24-bit A/D converter digitises and enhances sound quality for all outputs, while a low-jitter crystal oscillator and high-quality Send/Return circuitry ensures pristine external effects.


Other features

  • Fully MIDI assignable
  • 3-band EQ (+6dB to -26dB) and 3-band isolator (+6dB to -∞dB) on each channel
  • USB port located on top of mixer for easy switching between devices
  • Auto standby
  • P-LOCK Fader Cap on channel faders and cross faders prevents accidental knocking during performance


Here is the DJM-750 in action: