Musikmesse 2015: Elka Synthex Returns!

This surely ranks among the most exciting stories from Musikmesse this year, the Elka Synthex synthesisers will be reissued with the help of a new crowdfunded campaign. Read on for more info…



Press Release

Elka Synthex synthesisers will be reissued with the help of a crowdfunding campaign – pre­orders open on Indiegogo

FRANKFURT, 16 April 2015 – Soundion announced the comeback of the legendary Elka Synthex with the launch of an Indiegogo campaign. The campaign is being run the Finnish instrument manufacturer which acquired Generalmusic, which includes the Elka and GEM brands. This is the world’s first crowd­funding campaign to reissue a vintage instrument no longer in production. The reissued Elka Synthex is now available for pre­order on Indiegogo, and is projected to ship in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The Elka Synthex has long been loved and missed by both musicians and fans alike. Originally produced between 1981 and 1984, its iconic eight­note polyphony sound defined a generation of music across genres, from the pure electronica of Jean­Michel Jarre, through the stadium rock of Asia and Duran Duran, to the urban funk of Stevie Wonder. In reissuing this coveted instrument, Soundion wants to provide Elka Synthex aficionados around the world with a new opportunity to own one of these timeless classics at a fair price.

To bring Elka’s crowning achievement back, Soundion is using the Musikmesse in Germany to launch an Indiegogo campaign on 16 April. The campaign is making available 125 instruments at a generous early­bird discount, which will form the basis of the new build. These funds will cover the expense of ramping up production. Through crowdfunding, Elka Synthex devotees can make this reissue a reality.

Handmade in Finland using vintage parts


Based in Salo, Finland, Soundion is establishing a world­class production environment in order provide those who participate in this endeavour with highest possible build quality. Jukka Kulmala, CEO of Soudion, acquired the intellectual property and assets of Generalmusic, the owner of Elka in 2013. Along with the sale came warehouses full of original vintage components that will be used to build the reissued Synthexes. These will be combined with new components and assembled manually to give a current Elka Synthex with the sound of the original.

“There’s clearly a demand for Elka Synthexes, which outstrips the current vintage supply – people are searching for these instruments high and low, and paying too much. I think the music industry and synth fans in particular will be overjoyed that we’re bringing the Elka Synthex back”, says J​ukka Kulmala.​

This is just the beginning

Bringing back the Elka Synthex is only the first step for Soundion: “We will be establishing a musical instrument manufacturing facility that will produce digital pianos, synthesisers and sound systems. Originally Generalmusic exported instruments to 83 countries. We aim to match that eventually, but will begin with Europe and take it from there”, Kulmala explains. Elka Synthex is just the first instrument planned for production by Soundion in Salo, Finland.

One of the Soundion cornerstone strategies is to bring together Italian sound design and Finnish build quality. The launch of the Elka Synthex will kickstart Soundion’s product development, open up distribution channels and drive staff recruitment.

Participate in the Elka Synthex comeback on Indiegogo

The Elka Synthex Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is live, and early contributors will get the Elka Synthex for up to 30% off the expected retail price of 4999 EUR (including taxes). Assuming the campaign hits its targets, the Elka Synthex shipments are projected to start in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Elka Synthex Indiegogo campaign – live from 16 April:­synthex