The MV08 Is A New iOS Drum Machine That Reimagines A Classic

MVStudio has introduced the MV08, a ‘revolutionary’ new drum machine for iPhone and iPad, which is inspired by one of the greatest drum machines of all time…

Here’s the full story from MVStudio.

Sound Architecture


The MV08 features over 200 16bit 44.1k wav files that have been faithfully sampled from one of the most important drum machines in history. (featuring 60 samples for the kick drum alone!). On top of the original voice controls we have added Pan, Pitch and two editable send effects per voice, along with a master 3 band EQ and Distortion.

A powerful sequencer

Keeping the classic XOX style sequencer from the original, we have added in some powerful updates bringing it into the 21st century: All of the voice controls can now be sequenced per step, giving you limitless freedom and possibilities to create evolving and innovative rhythms (not to mention killer bass lines!). Each pattern can be 1-64 steps long and played at either a 16 or 32 step resolution – giving you endless options to create complex time signatures and long evolving loops.

Fun with patterns

There are 8 banks of 16 patterns giving you a total of 128 user patterns to play with, ensuring you don’t run out of space when inspiration strikes. We’ve created a separate demo bank to get you started featuring some classic rhythms from time gone by. You can even record the master output and export to your favourite DAW!

Pricing and Availability:
MV08 is available now for £3.99 at the app store. For more information head to the MVStudio site.