NAMM 2015: Audio Technica Showcase New Headphones

Audio Technica have showcased some impressive new gear at NAMM this year. See below for the full information…




Press Release

Audio-Technica Showcase New Pro Headphones And Worry-Free Wireless at Winter NAMM 2015

Leeds, UK, 22-01-2015 – Audio-Technica is to expand its impressive studio monitoring headphone line-up and broaden the scope of its flexible System 10 wireless range at Winter NAMM 2015.

Audio-Technica’s first-ever open-back reference monitor headphone, the all-new R70x has been created in conjunction with Paris-based design agency Arro. The final result perfectly blends form and function, with aluminium mesh earcup housings contributing to the model’s extremely low 210g weight. Combined with generous breathable fabric earpads, the light weight of the R70x makes it outstandingly comfortable during long sessions.



In terms of tone the proprietary drivers in the R70x – combined with the headphones’ acoustically transparent housings – deliver beautifully natural, spacious open-back tone. The 45mm drivers, created specially for the R70x, represent the culmination of Audio-Technica’s more than 40 years of headphone design. In addition distortion is reduced, high-end frequency response extended and accuracy improved with the use of high efficiency magnets and a pure alloy magnetic circuit design.

Finally, the R70x features a unique dual-sided detachable locking cable that is L/R signal independent, always ensuring proper stereo orientation.

Audio-Technica’s much-loved M-Series professional monitor headphone range has long been relied on by producers, engineers, musicians and DJs in the most demanding recording and performance situations. And with the arrival of the M70x, the range has a new high-performance range-topper.


Designed specifically to reveal the most detailed nuances in a mix, the M70x is tuned to reproduce extreme low and high frequency content with remarkable accuracy. Its impressive 5-40 000Hz frequency response is perfectly balanced – thanks to proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers with rare earth magnets – and even at high volumes the M70x’s 2000mW maximum power input means very low distortion for superb clarity and definition.

The combination of accuracy and power handling makes the M70x the perfect partner for studio and live sound mixing, tracking, DJing and critical mastering and post-production work.

A new limited edition version of Audio-Technica’s renowned M50x headphone, the M50xDG’s stylish dark green finish adds some urban cool to one of the world’s best-loved studio models.


Part of the re-engineered M-Series, the M50xDG features the original’s 45mm large-aperture drivers, sound isolating earcups and very high SPL handling to deliver natural, accurate sound in high pressure professional situations as well as working superbly for general listening.

The aesthetically-appealing M50xDG also feels as good as it looks thanks to its comfortable earpad and handband material and 90-degree swivelling earcups for easy one-ear monitoring.

System 10 PRO
Ideal for fixed-installations, touring set-ups, presenter, House-of-Worship and education applications, the new rackmount-able System 10 PRO digital wireless system requires no technical knowledge or training to use, thanks to its automatic assignment and changing of frequencies as required, making for simple plug-and-play operation.


The System 10 PRO’s durable half rack chassis can house one or two receiver units which can be operated either within the chassis or removed, mounted remotely and connected via Ethernet cable. The groundbreaking design offers real flexibility in terms of installation and use, without the expense of adding an antenna distributor and corresponding cables.

Receivers can be placed up to 300 feet away – even in separate rooms – and up to five chassis can be linked with an RJ12 cable (included with each system) to build a stable multichannel system. Linking creates a system in which receiver units work together, with all receiving, transmitting and frequency allocation co-ordinated to prevent audio dropouts and enable simultaneous use of up to 10 channels.

Operating in the 2.4GHz range, System 10 PRO offers three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time and space to ensure reliable delivery of its clear, natural sound quality. Frequency Diversity sends the signal on two dynamically (and automatically) allocated frequencies, Time Diversity sends the signal in multiple time slots to maximise immunity to multipath interference while Space Diversity uses two antennas on each transmitter and receiver to ensure signal integrity.

The simple-to-use nature of the System 10 PRO is reflected in its straightforward LCD front panel display, which gives the user clear information on signal strength, transmitter battery level, system ID and system link status.

The Audio-Technica R70x carries a recommended retail price of
£349 inc VAT / €349 ex VAT and will be available from May 2015

The Audio-Technica M70x carries a recommended retail price of
£299 inc VAT / €299 ex VAT and will be available from February 2015

The Audio-Technica M50xDG carries a recommended retail price of
£179 inc VAT / €179 ex VAT and will be available from March 2015

Audio-Technica’s System 10 PRO wireless system will be available in the configurations below from February 2015, with recommended retail prices as follows.

• ATW-1301 Single Channel Bodypack System : £449 inc VAT / €449 ex VAT
• ATW-1302 Single Channel Handheld System : £469 inc VAT / €469 ex VAT
• ATW-1311 Dual Channel Bodypack System : £759 inc VAT / €759 ex VAT
• ATW-1312 Dual Channel BP/HH System : £779 inc VAT / €779 ex VAT
• ATW-1322 Dual Channel Handheld System : £799 inc VAT / €799 ex VAT
• ATW-RC13 Receiver chassis £229 inc VAT / €229 ex VAT
• ATW-RU13 Receiver unit £209 inc VAT / €209 ex VAT

Audio-Technica is exhibiting at Booth 6740 (Hall A) at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

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