NAMM 2017: Bitwig Studio 2 has been announced!

Bitwig Studio 2 has officially been announced! After the release of Bitwig Studio 1 back in 2014 introduced the world to the first music production software to combine linear and non-linear sequencing Bitwig Studio 2 hopes to continue to be at the cutting edge of the medium…

Bitwig Studio 2

Featuring 24 new modulators Bitwig Studio 2 will offer standard modulators such as envelopes and LFOs to more unique modulators such as Random, Select-4 and Math. Each device has individual modulation slots where an unlimited number of modulators can be added to a device and assigned to any number of parameters.


On top of this Bitwig Studio 2 also comes with an expanded library of standard devices including Spectrum Analyser, Pitch Shifter, Phaser, Multi-Note and many more. With better hardware integration, VST3 support, device and Polysynth updates, Smart Tool switching and improved Editor Workflow and many other additions Bitwig Studio 2 could be as stellar as its predecessor.

Due out early this year Bitwig Studio 2 will cost €159 if upgrading from Studio 1 and €379 outright. A grace period for customers that purchased Bitwig Studio 1 on, or after December 10th 2016 will allow them to upgrade for free.

Those thinking of investing should also know that Bitwig Studio 2 comes with 12 months of free updates, upgrades and email support, which can be renewed after 12 months for €159.

For more information head here, where upon launch you can also download a free demo version. Keep your eyes peeled for more news after its appearance at NAMM 2017 next week.