NAMM 2017: KORG Unveil Raft of New Products

KORG have unveiled a whole host of new products, including the awesome looking ARP Odyssey FS and the KROME Music Workstation Platinum. Read on for more details and check out the full reviews coming soon…

Press Release

ARP Odyssey FS


Assembled in America, and available to the world once again. The long-awaited full-size ARP ODYSSEY is now available in a limited edition.

A full-sized ARP ODYSSEY with a standard keyboard. Carefully assembled in the USA to capture the original spirit. A full lineup of all three design generations

KROME Music Workstation Platinum

The KROME is now available in a limited-edition platinum-colour model that exudes refinement.

The KROME, KORG’s premium standard in music workstations, is now available in a new eagerly-awaited colour. With superb sound that overturns expectations for its class and a stylish new platinum colour, this model is the perfect way for you to stand out in your music production or on stage. A limited number of KROME Platinum units will be sold.


KRONOS 88 GOLD Music Workstation

The pinnacle of Korg’s music workstations, the KRONOS 88-key model, is now available in a new colour. It’s a special limited edition with a gold panel that softly emanates beautiful light, and sunburst side panels that accentuate the warmth of the woodgrain. A limited number of KRONOS-88 Gold units will be sold.

MS-20 Mini White Monophonic Synthesizer

Announcing a limited edition model of the MS-20 mini analog synthesizer in a white monotone colour.

The KORG MS-20 mini, which faithfully reproduced the classic MS-20 at 86% of the original size, is now available as a limited-edition white monotone variation model. This model is the first new colour to appear in the nearly 40 years since the original unit went on sale in 1978. Based on the black that is emblematic of the MS-20’s distinctive presence, this new model features a clean white monotone for its front panel and knobs, while retaining the faithful circuitry.

TM-50 Red Tuner/Metronome

The TM-50 tuner/metronome is now available in an all-new red finish!

The TM-50 tuner/metronome has become enormously popular with musicians of all levels as it allows players to simultaneously train their sense of pitch and rhythm. Now available in vibrant red, this tuner/metronome is perfect for musicians who prefer to practice with a bit of colour. The TM-50 will improve your performances by taking your practice routine to the next level.

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