NAMM 2018 Daily Blog: Day 2 – It’s U2! Oh no it’s not. It’s Ken Scott! Oh yes it is…

A bogus U2, a recording legend, and all the latest gear news, both on and off site. Andy Jones is getting NAMM-Thrax…


A Dublin fellow I’ve not met before is telling me he saw through the fake U2 playing on the roof of the NAMM Convention Centre who greeted us for day 2 of NAMM 2018. He’d worked with them for 15 years so could tell instantly, but the rest of the ‘rocking’ crowd had clearly fallen fall it hook, line and sinker (myself included, although not the rocking bit).

This is just the kind of thing that happens at NAMM: great conversations with random people, lots of rock music (because we really don’t get enough gear demos in the show itself) and people exclaiming ‘oh my God’ at pretty much everything.

I’m a suppressed Brit so can take the excitement in my stride – or at least am terrified to wave at ‘even better than the real thing’ Bono. I also have NAMM-Thrax, a cursed disease that I’ve enjoyed here before.

Luckily there’s plenty to enjoy both on and off site. I meet Teenage Engineering in a car in the park demoing their new sampling and vocoding pocket operators which are very cool but I’m a huge fanboy anyway.

Also off site Ableton are hosting a party tonight which I’ll be attending should health allow and if I can grow my beard out in time.

For now though here’s a gear round up of day 2. Captions only I’m afraid as I feel so terrible. More detail in the next issue of MusicTech. And yes I do want sympathy…


More phones than you can shake a stick at pointing at the fake U2

Were they really fake? You decide

MusicTech favourite Matt Lange at the Avid stand who, among many other products, announced Pro Tool 2018

Celemony’s Melodyne is coming to Logic soon

I’ve already reviewed these new PMC Result6s. Incredible…

Elektron’s new Digitune could be the product of the show, an FM synth. Let’s hope it’s easier to use than the original DX

The Synthmaster boys. A review of 2.9 coming soon

American Music & Sound announced new keys for Kurzweil and StudioLogic and Focusrite, with the company’s Giles Orford on hand

A Massive new Novation Launchpad. No not really, but the lights did trigger.

No impersonation here. Legendary engineer Ken Scott

Couldn’t get close to Tracktion, one of the best DAWS around.

Yamaha’s incredible Montage gets updated to v2

The latest Steinberg UR interface

And finally a mint condition Yamaha CS80. Well why not?