NAMM 2018: Complete Your Mini Synth Setup With Korg’s New Volca Mix

Korg has announced the Volca Mix, a new 4-channel analogue performance mixer that they believe will take performances to a new level…

volca mix


Armed with two mono and two stereo input channels, a low/high-cut filter per-channel and an analogue stereo expander and compression, the Volca Mix certainly has the potential to transform your Volca synth setup. However, it’s benefits extend beyond the Volca line. Thanks to the new specialised sync out jack that functions as a master clock the Volca Mix can connect with a vairety of Korg gear, allowing for simultaneous start and stop pieces on multiple units.

Nick Kwas, lead Product Specialist at Korg USA, tells us that, “Volca Mix has been something that our fans have been asking about for a long time. We wanted to make sure that when we created it, it hit all of the key features that users would expect in a performance mixer for the Volca series. Korg succeeded in doing just that and I think consumers are going to respond exceptionally well.”

Upon release the Mix will ship with an AC adapter, DC-DC cables, and audio cables included so you can incorporate it into your Volca setup right out of the box.

Pricing and Availability:
Volca Mix is expected to be released in February/March 2018, priced at £145. For full details and specs head to the product page.