NAMM 2018: Create Split-Screen Videos With Roland’s New 4XCamera

We’ve all seen at least one multi-instrumental/layered vocal cover on YouTube. Yet, if you’re like us, the idea of creating such a thing seems rather too complicated. However, Roland believe their new 4XCamera app for iOS will simplify the process…


Once you’ve fired up the app on your device you simply record your first performance and then use it as the foundation for any overdubs to layer on top. Recording can be done via the in-built mic on your device or with an iOS suitable audio device. The volume levels can then be balanced before finally rendering your video.


Pricing and Availability:
4XCamera is available now for €4.49 from the App Store. If you’d like to try before you a buy a free version of 4XCamera is also available to download now, allowing up to two performances.