Demo: Novation’s Launchpad Pro Mk3 has a built-in sequencer

    Four-track, 32-step polyphonic sequencer and dual MIDI outs makes this a great partner for hybrid hardware/software setups.

    NAMM 2020: When the Launchpad was released in 2009, the music production landscape was markedly different from today. It was a world dominated more by softsynths than hardware synths, and Novation’s Launchpad was category-defining.

    With the latest evolution of the Launchpad, the Launchpad Pro Mk3, Novation realises the controller’s potential beyond Ableton Live. The new hardware is designed to play with hardware, sporting a four-track, 32-step polyphonic sequencer and a pair of MIDI outs.

    It’s possible to chain patterns and create wonkiness with Micro Steps. And Probability and Mutation controls are provided to keep your sequences evolving.


    On the software integration side, Launchpad Pro is still a performer. Dedicated controls for transport, tap tempo, Print To Clip and Capture MIDI have been included to ensure you don’t waste any time when in the creative flow and the pads are now larger and more expressive.

    According to Novation, the Launchpad Pro even knows when you’re drumming and shows you your drum rack on the grid. In fact, with this level of integration, it could give Ableton’s own Push 2 a run for its money.


    The Novation Launchpad Pro will be available soon for $349.99. More from Novation here. Read more NAMM 2020 news here.



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