New Yamaha MOXF synths announced

New synths from Yamaha announced – we went to the launch of these in Italy and they do, indeed, sound glorious. Check out our review soon, press releases below…

New Yamaha MOXF Synths build on MOX legacy with improved features and sonic capability


The highly affordable entry-level Yamaha MOX series brought professional MOTIF XF features and flexibility to creative musicians and producers on a tight budget. Now the MOX design concept is taken to a new level with the introduction of the all-new MOXF6 and MOXF8 models.

A new chapter in Yamaha’s illustrious history of award-winning products begins with the unveiling of the MOXF range, which sets new standards for affordable music making for discerning musicians passionate about their craft.

Yamaha has long championed the filtering down of technology from its flagship instruments to more affordable models – and there is no better example of this than the new MOXF6 & 8, which offer players the highest quality sounds and features.

Lightweight and portable, both models offer identical sonic capabilities, the MOXF8 differing only in that it boasts a fully weighted 88-key graded hammer action. This keyboard offers greatly increased creativity – particularly for musicians demanding the ‘feel’ of an acoustic instrument.

At the heart of both new models lies the expertly designed and engineered AWM2 Tone Generator, featuring a huge waveform data bank based around Yamaha’s ultra-professional MOTIF XF instruments. These include two huge grand piano waveforms previously only found in the more expensive S90 XS and MOTIF XF models – these waveforms recreate all the tonal and dynamic qualities of Yamaha’s CF111S concert grand and the legendary S6 handcrafted grand with exceptional accuracy and detail. 
The MOXF6 & 8 are bursting with creative features for enhanced music making: Yamaha’s pioneering XA (Expanded Articulation) technology, VCM effects, 128-note polyphony, on-board USB Audio/MIDI connectivity and a remote function for DAWS.

A new key feature is the optional Flash Memory Expansion Board which significantly expands the waveform memory available, this can be used for original user voices or additional soundsets.


Additionally, sample (audio) can be loaded and the data remains on the board even when the power is turned off, allowing you to personalize the sound of your MOX even more. Every time you power back up you will find your beats, vocal lines and vintage synth library exactly where you left them, without the need to load them from an external USB storage device.
Both models also offer 16-part multi-timbral capability and over 1250 preset sounds complemented by over 380 user voices including 32 user drum kits – all of which can be combined in 256 user Performances and 128 Master settings.

For electronica and dance fans there are almost 8,000 arpeggio options that can be used alongside the onboard sequencer for composition and recording. And with an option of over 225,000 notes, there’s more than enough capacity to create the most complex tracks. There are layer/split functions matched by a powerful Performance Creator and a superb Vocoder effect.

Yamaha have helpfully provided new VST editor software allowing seamless music production and complete integration with Steinberg Cubase – both completely free of charge!




The MOXF6 and MOXF8 will be available from December and will be priced as follows:

RRP: (inc VAT): £1017 / €1229
RRP: (inc VAT): £1526 / €1844